Important Notes

 Important Notes

Many tools, car-parts and processes are available to help the Cub Scout create his derby car. Most of these are legal and may be used. However, please be aware that many tools or parts may create a car that is too heavy or wheels or axles that are not legal. Avoid buying expensive specialty wheels and axles that cannot be used in the race. 

These racing specifications provide a standard test for all cars to comply. The requirements are designed to give Cub Scouts, with their parent's supervision, an equal opportunity to design and construct cars while still providing enough freedom to create unique and competitive cars.

Please don't submit cars for inspection with wet paint.

Please don't submit cars with excessive graphite on the wheels or body.

Please do not use tungsten as your only weight.  It cannot be drilled or cut with most hand tools, and once installed on the car it becomes impossible to machine. A small portion of the weight (about 1/2 ounce) should be easily removable for final adjustment as necessary. 

Each car will be weighed and inspected by the official inspection team before it competes. A work area and limited tools will be provided to make adjustments to cars that don't comply. The inspection team may disqualify any car that cannot meet the racing specifications.

Once a car is officially checked in, no further lubrication, adjustments or work may be performed on it.

District race winners will be given an opportunity to lubricate their cars immediately before the council race. 

Any racer (or parent of a racer) may appeal to the race committee for an interpretation of these regulations. The race committee, by majority vote, will be the final judge of these regulations.

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