Time for the Warm up lap!

The equipment is packed and we are double checking everything prior to driving down to the Q in a few hours.   Unfortunately, we will NOT have time to check the email again, until AFTER the race.

Because we have packed up all of our equipment (including the computers for the race) we cannot accept any further late registrations** for the 2016 San Diego 500.    

Racers - We'll see you Saturday!!  Have fun, and DO YOUR BEST!!!

** If your pack missed out on registering, and you would like to register as a standby you can come by on Saturday.  To register as a standby, show up NO EARLIER than the start of your district's check-in time, wait in the registration line, and ask to register as a stand-by.  (You must provide proof from your Pack that the racer is the eligible racer for the pack. )